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CIFNET - CIFNet is a complete solution provider specializing in dial-up, ISDN, and dedicated LAN access to the Internet. CIFNET provides web & graphic design, animated banners, animated images, Java applets, Java script, CGI, Web hosting.

CIFNet maintains a no-busy-signal policy. If users report a busy signal, CIFNet has the ability to connect as many phone lines as necessary to relieve the problem. Right now CIFNet maintains connection to the Internet backbone through GTEi, formerly known as NapNet, LLC. Multiple Servers Some Internet providers run all their services from one or two servers. CIFNet uses eight servers to keep its services up and running. These servers range from our dedicated news and IRC servers right down to the secure commercial web servers. All these servers run Unix variants, which CIFNet feels is the only operating system that should be used for networking. All machines run on PC stations with power backups. If one of these machines should go down, CIFNet's engineers are on call 24 hours a day to fix any problems.

Dedicated Services For its customers, CIFNet offers several dedicated services. Principal among these services is the news server, which is only available to people coming from the domain. Our news server offers over 30,000 real up-to date newsgroups, including the full alt.* branch.

The news server has enough hard disk space to hold newsgroups for an average time of one week, although times vary due to newsgroup volume. CIFNet also provides an IRC server so its customers can use the Internet Relay Chat to talk to people around the world. Among our other servers are our Quake and Quakeworld servers, a secure WWW server, a separate personal web server (for customer personal accounts)

For those users that have problems, CIFNet provides technical support 7 days a week, including holidays. In addition to our phone technical support, we offer 24 hour online technical support via e-mail which can come from your e-mail program or our web page help tickets. Staff is knowledgable and skilled and can help you through any problem. .

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