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Shareware Tracker - Click image for full-size screenshot Shareware Tracker is a complete solution for shareware developers who wish to submit their applications to the many download web sites for review and listing. It not only automates much of the submission process, but keeps track of what is listed and where, including version information, number of downloads, etc. Submitting and checking on the various sites is quick and easy, while allowing the developer complete control. Not only can this dramatically increase the exposure of your programs to potential downloaders, but also can improve search engine rankings due to the increased link popularity resulting from publication on many sites. Shareware Tracker is designed to greatly simplify this process and allow greater control over the submission and tracking process than afforded by other similar tools.

Shareware Tracker automates much of this process, allowing the developer/publisher to distribute their software to more sites in less time, as well as keeping track of each program's status on all such sites. You've written a great program - now get it the exposure it deserves with this powerful submission software!

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